Michelin-starred chef: Nashville set to be a ‘food destination city’

Chef Christopher Anderson was eager to head south.

The North Carolina native made his name in Chicago, where he worked at multiple prestigious restaurants, and led one of them, Moto, to retain its Michelin star. Now he’s joining Nashville’s growing food scene, taking over culinary operations at the Hutton Hotel and its restaurant.

Anderson has big plans for the restaurant’s refreshed menu, expected to roll out later this summer. With his fine-dining background, he hopes to add a monthly tasting dinner to the restaurant’s standard a la carte offerings, and find ways to “push the envelope” of what you’d normally find in the world of hotel eateries.

The high-profile chef is joining the Hutton at a time of increased competition in both Nashville’s hotel and restaurant industries — it seems a new project in one category or the other is announced at least weekly. Amid that increased competition, the Hutton is embarking on a significant renovation at the Hutton Hotel, including many changes planned for its restaurant, 1808 Grille. (A hotel spokesman confirmed those restaurant changes will include a rebranding, alongside changes to the concept and menu.)

Anderson said he sees all the development in Nashville, particularly the rapid growth in restaurant options, as evidence of the city’s rise to a new status. Read on to find out what he means and for more highlights from the chef’s recent conversation with the Nashville Business Journal:

How did you first become aware of Nashville? What were your early perceptions of the city?

When I left Moto, I really wanted to actually get back down South. That’s what I kind of earned my [Michelin] star off of. I feel like most people that do fine-dining cuisine, they always tend to lean toward the French, Spanish, the Italian side of things. … But to me I feel like we have a great culture here in America, and I feel like the South embodies American cuisine. … I’ve always loved the culture, and essentially why I left and kind of went around was to really learn different techniques … and then apply that to my cuisine. So unlike everybody else who’s sticking to that French and Italian kind of way, instead of using Iberico hams I use country hams. Instead of using creams, I use buttermilks. Instead of poaching things, I deep-fry.

What’s Cookin’ Midtown Nashville

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