Edgehill Polar Bears

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History Of The Bears

The polar bear statues first came to stand at 1408 Edgehill Ave. around 1930, just outside of the Mattei Plaster Relief Ornamental Company, which made an array of figurines.

According to The City Paper, the intent for the bears was to advertise Polar Bear Frozen Custard shops.

Later, Rev. Zema Hill bought the bears and placed them in front of his home and his funeral home.

Because there were several bears, their history and movements become a bit of a puzzle, perhaps best documented by local historian and blogger Debie Cox.

But the two prominent Edgehill bears were eventually purchased by the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency, which erected them at the plaza where they remain today.

‘No Artistic License Needed’

Last year, the bears also become a logo for Edgehill, appearing on eight signs that mark the boundaries of the neighborhood — a move that local leaders said was increasingly necessary.

“With all of the development … we felt like there was a lot of encroachment,” said Rachel Tapper Zijlstra, president of the Edgehill Village Neighborhood Association. “We were starting to see things like ‘Gulch South’ and ‘12South’ when people would describe our neighborhood.

“Edgehill has been a neighborhood since before the Civil War.”

Several Edgehill nonprofits banded together to create the signs, and Zijlstra said some haggling with a development company led to a donation to pay for them.

And she said a survey made it obvious that a polar bear should be on the sign — and not stylized in any way.

The Grilled Cheeserie

About The Grilled Cheeserie

Created by husband and wife team Joseph Bogan and Crystal De Luna-Bogan, a Le

Cordon Bleu trained chef, The Grilled Cheeserie is Nashville’s favorite food truck, and

now a melt shop, serving up gourmet grilled cheese melts and nostalgic treats

featuring seasonally inspired, responsibly sourced products.

Joseph Bogan and Crystal De Luna-Bogan
The Grilled Cheeserie Nashville

Crystal’s extensive culinary background, including such fine-dining restaurants in

Southern California as Napa Rose, The Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills and

Clementine, has helped mold her into an elite chef with a developed understanding of

flavor profiles. Joseph and Crystal’s love for their planet motivates them to use

eco-conscious business practices with their sights set on getting to a “zero waste”


The Grilled Cheeserie Nashville TN

They also view their business as a platform to help educate people on the

importance of knowing where your food comes from. Joseph and Crystal’s hard work

was rewarded when The Grilled Cheeserie was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

They were also featured on The Cooking Channel’s Eat St., voted Best Food Truck in

The Nashville Scene and The Tennessean 6 years running, and were listed #3 on

Mobile-Cuisine’s 2015 Top 10 Most Influential Food Trucks  #7 on thedailymeal.com’s

101 Best Food Trucks in America in 2015, and were just honored with the 2016

Chairman’s Award for Small Businesses by the Nashville Business Incubation Center.

Menu Subject to Change

What’s Cookin’ Midtown Nashville


Biscuit Love Opening in Hillsboro Village

Biscuit Love Opening in Hillsboro Village
About Biscuit Love

We love local. Here’s a list of some of the suppliers we work with who always provide the very best quality ingredients.

Biscuit Love The Gulch Nashville TN

Bear Creek Farm’s cattle are born and raised on 1,400 scenic acres near Leiper’s Fork, TN. Bear Creek Farms is a sustainable grass-fed, grain-finished cattle farm, raising all-natural Angus beef in a responsible and humane way. The Cherrys are people who are truly dedicated to raising happy animals and we are proud to serve both their beef and pork.

Beaverdam Creek Farm is made up of 73 acres of rolling hills, lush green pastures, and woodlands bordered by the clear-flowing waters of Beaverdam Creek in Coble, TN. The Lingos stay true to their guiding principle of raising their produce the way our Creator intended: free of harmful chemicals, antibiotics, growth stimulants, and GMOs. Their seasonal produce serves as the inspiration for many of our seasonal dishes.

Blackberry Farm Brewery has made waves with their saisons. From a refreshing summer saison to a Fall saison aged in oak barrels to their current offering, a moody, dark Winter saison, we are positive you will enjoy each one as much as we have.

Bloomsbury Farm is nestled in the hills between Smyrna and Nolensville, TN. While vegetables and herbs are a large part of the operation, their variety of Heritage chicken eggs are what keep us coming back.

Biscuit Love Nashville Monday Breakfast

Bourbon Barrel Foods started in the garage of founder Matt Jamie in Louisville, Kentucky. We’ve been enjoying and using their Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Extract (aged in barrels that used to hold some fine Kentucky bourbon) to give our food even more of a Southern flavor. Their motto is “Slow. Small. Simple.” We think they should also add “Superb” to it.

Cruze Dairy Farms is a family dairy farm in Knoxville, Tennessee. They milk Jersey cows and bottle their own whole pasteurized Jersey milk and real churned buttermilk. And as their t-shirts state, we can attest that biscuits really do rise better with Cruze buttermilk.

The Charleston Tea Plantation is located on historic Wadmalaw Island in the heart of the Lowcountry of South Carolina. We fell in love with the Charleston Tea Plantation on a trip to Charleston, and you will fall in love with our sweet tea! It is an exceptional product being grown right here in the South.

Jackalope Brewing Company has been supporters of Biscuit Love since our days on the truck and as long-time fans of theirs, we are thrilled to be able to reciprocate! Their American Pale Ale, Thunder Ann is made with honey and biscuit malts which we think is a perfect complement to our menu and pairs very well with The Princess.

Biscuit Love Nashville TN Sat.

Helen Hooper-Hirst Pottery uses Tennessee clay to hand-make her pottery in her home studio in Lockeland Springs in East Nashville. In floating blues and iron-saturated browns, her work is inspired by the Tennessee landscape’s rich, natural colors which we enjoy each time we sip from our beautiful coffee mugs.

Weisenberger Mill has been “the baker’s choice” since early 1865. Owned and operated for six generations by the Weisenberger family, the mill is nestled on the banks of the South Elkhorn Creek in the heart of central Kentucky. One trip to this water powered mill was enough to convince us that our biscuits wouldn’t be quite Southern enough without their flour.

Whats Cookin Nashville Gold Line

What’s Cookin’Franklin TN

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Centennial Park Planning

Centennial Park Planning

Centennial Park Master Plan Cover

The Centennial Park Master Plan was completed in 2011 following a two year process lead by landscape architecture firm Gustafson Guthrie Nichol Ltd. The plan outlines the future vision for the oldest and most visited park in Nashville.

Centennial Park Master Plan

Phase One Implementation

The first phase of master plan implementation was completed in the summer of 2015. This work included the following improvements:

The Cockrill Spring Zone

This area includes much of the park’s West End Avenue frontage. The historic Cockrill Spring (which had been buried and drained to a sewer for a century) was brought back to the surface and creates a new water feature surrounded by a native Tennessee landscape.  The spring water is filtered through a wetland garden before being used first for irrigation and then pumped to Lake Watauga to enhance water quality. This area also includes a permanent venue for Musicians Corner with seating areas nestled into the site’s natural contours and better utility infrastructure for performances. The project also involves restoration of the park’s historic perimeter wall and street lights, new paths, interpretive signs and other enhancements.

The Parthenon Zone

This is the area between the Parthenon and Lake Watauga. A spaghetti of roads and parking was consolidated into a single lot, freeing up space for a beautiful new approach to the Parthenon that includes an entry plaza, a formal events lawn and new gardens, trees and landscaping. A rain garden cleanses and cools parking lot runoff before it enters the lake.

Lake Watauga Water Quality

An integrated strategy to water quality in Lake Watauga has included the dredging of over 3,000 cubic yards of silt, the installation of vegetated floating wetland islands that outcompete algae for phosphorus and a new aeration and circulation system.  In addition, over 60 million gallons of cold Cockrill spring water is pumped to the lake. Stormwater runoff from the Parthenon roof and nearby parking lots is cleansed through rain gardens before entering the lake.

Future Phases

Future phases of master plan implementation will occur as funding becomes available.

Centennial Park Master Plan Perspective


Hissho Sushi Vanderbilt Area Nashville

Hissho Sushi:

Hissho Sushi Nashville

 1301 Medical Center Dr Nashville,TN 37232
Vanderbilt Hospital – Sushi

At Hissho Sushi, freshly prepared sushi daily on-site is the only way we roll. Every day, our talented chefs prepare delicious sushi that will keep your customers happy and healthy.Hissho Sushi searches the world markets for only the highest quality products.

Our seafood, rice, vinegar, soy and other ingredients are procured and tested at our state-of-the-art distribution facility. Our chefs buy fruits and vegetables locally to ensure absolute freshness.

You will never find artificial coloring in Hissho Sushi’s natural wasabi and ginger. We offer multi-grain and brown rice, as well as traditional sushi rice, and many of our items are vegetarian and vegan. Our products consistently maintain the health benefits and authentic taste of true Japanese sushi.


Hissho Sushi Vanderbilt Area Nashville

Hissho Sushi provides turnkey sushi bars to upscale supermarkets, cafes, hospitals, universities and corporate foodservice locations. With more than a decade in the industry, Hissho’s proven program and committed sushi professionals are recognized as the best of the best. At the end of the day, we know that it is all about superior quality and customer service. From operations and logistics to sales and marketing, our entire team works hand-in-hand with our partners to ensure success.

Our Mission:
To provide the highest quality products and unparalleled customer service to consumers. We are passionate about building strong and enduring partnerships with our customers. We value our employees and affiliates and seek to provide them with a path to personal and professional success.

What’s Cookin’ Nashville

Rotier’s Nashville TN

Rotier’s Nashville TN

Home of the Famous French Bread Hamburger!

Rotier's Nashville TN Cheese Burger

Rotier’s has been serving cold beer, burgers, and handmade milkshakes since 1945. John and Evelyn Rotier started the restaurant after WWII, the building was originally a carriage house for the Elliston Mansion. Rotier’s started as a beer joint with cheeseburgers and pinball machines and later evolved into a full scale restaurant soon after gambling became illegal in Tennessee. The meat and three menu came along, or “meat and vegetables” if you are not from Tennessee, so patrons could choose from several different home cooked meals. John and Evelyn had three children: John, Margaret, and Charlie Rotier, who all worked in the restaurant.


We have been a Nashville landmark for many years and continue on with third generation family members to this day. The Cheeseburger on French Bread is Rotier’s claim to fame, winning many local and national awards from USA Today and Food Network Magazine.

Rotier’s Restaurant • 2413 Elliston Place, Nashville, TN 37203 • Ph. 615-327-9892

Hours: Monday-Thursday 10:30am-9:30pm • Wednesday-Friday 10:30am-10pm • Saturday 9am-10pm • Sunday Closed


What’s Cookin’ Nashville